All branch subsidised exercise activities are currently being reviewed and will resume in due course.

We are aware of the following activities happening in and around Cambridge, for people with Parkinson’s (PwP:

Active with Parkinson’s Cambs offers two weekly classes:

Tuesdays from 2-3pm and is based on the Parkinson’s warrior exercise regime. The first is held at St Mary’s Hall, Church Lane, Sawston on

Fridays from 2.30-3.30pm at The Pavilion, Mill Lane, Sawston and is Nordic Walking for PwP.

Both classes are led by Paul Goddard. Please contact Deb Liddington on 0774 332 4288/ for further details. Classes cost £45/6 weeks.

In usual circumstances the branch offers the following subsidised classes:

Aquatherapy (Swimming) for Parkinson’s

Exercising in water is one of the best ways to help maintain balance, strength, flexibility and general fitness, whilst also having some fun! The group is well equipped to ensure safe exercise, and the buoyancy effect of the water means that there is no risk of falling whilst exercising.  


Yoga for Parkinson’s provides light exercise based on Yoga stretches and postures plus breathing practises and some relaxation. The work is adapted to suit each individual where possible, and several students work with support and/or chair and wheelchair. The class keeps people mobile, flexible and strong. The breathing practises and relaxation help concentration, relieve stress factors and promote more efficient breathing, which will in turn impact in a positive way throughout the body.

Welcome to the Cambridge Branch of Parkinson's UK

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